Halloween Makeup ideas: Last minute looks

It's that time of year again. Vampires, ghosts and pumpkins invade the streets. The spookiest month of the year is here, which means Halloween is just moments away. 
Every year I attempt to plan my costume months in advance, but always end up with a last minute, less than spectacular outfit. Often a little black dress paired with an 'almost scary' makeup look. 
Honestly, I'm not a big fan of super gory, scary costumes. I prefer spooky-chic, beauty meets chilling. If you're going to end up standing in front of your wardrobe on Wednesday, hoping to be magically inspired in time for the party, don't worry. I've got you. 

All you will need is some cheap coloured eye shadow, some kind of red lipstick and possibly some glitter. But I can assure you, these makeup looks will steal the show. 

#1 Skeleton 
Though this look relies solely on makeup, I can assure you, it is way easier than it looks. The key factors are the carved out cheekbones, the teeth, and the hollow eye sockets. So opt for a dramatic smokey eye and super heavy contour to create a glam, skeletal effect. Pop on any black outfit and you're ready to go!
#2 Dark Angel
Black dress, check. High Heels, check. This look is super simple. You can be creative with it! Whether you opt for graphic winged eyeliner or a dark smokey eye, as long as you grab some wings from a party store, you're good to go. I created an almost Black Swan inspired, feathered eye, paired with a deep blush and berry lip. Adding some individual lashes gave a more editorial feel to the look. 
#3 Fairy
This concept is super versatile. You can either go down the more pretty, good fairy look, with bright highlighter and some shimmery eyelids, or you can devise a more mythical look. Create a heavy contour; interesting shapes can be made to give the illusion of a different bone structure, enhancing the creature-like effect. The butterflies are cut from magazines as I wanted a more dramatic look to add drama to the eye. 
#4 Mermaid 
We've all seen the fishnet tights plus eye shadow, equals mermaid tutorial. Frankly, I'm bored. This year I created a super wet look effect by contouring with metallic greens and blues. Adding some shimmer on your ears and neck, combined with slicked back hair, will complete your mermaid fantasy. I created a bloodied scale effect to go for a more evil aquatic look. 

No matter what you do for Halloween, just make sure you feel amazing! Whether you go all out, or just feel like wearing a cute dress and some cat ears, just make sure you have fun and stay safe!
I will be posting a few more Halloween looks on my Instagram over the next week so check that out if you guys need some inspiration. If you guys create any beautiful looks for Halloween, tag me!  Also, let me know on Instagram or in the comments if you would like full video tutorials on any of these looks. Have a spooktacular week.

- Madeleine x