Introducing, Me.

Starting out is much harder than it seems. At this point I have written seven full blog posts as an extremely productive form of procrastination to avoid writing about myself. To ease you into the process I've added a photo of me, something natural, minimalist, nothing to draw too much attention, obviously. 

In case you missed it, my name is Madeleine. I'm a certified makeup artist based in the UK. I regularly get asked for beauty and skincare advice and I wanted to create a platform where I can showcase everything I love, all in one place! So think of this as your access to all areas, backstage pass to all the beauty secrets you need. If you're a makeup lover, skincare fanatic, or just want a regular dose of positivity and glamour into your life, you're in the right place. 

I'll be giving you fashion, makeup, skincare, health, fitness and more. Everything you need is going to be right here.

I will be posting articles, reviews, advice, exclusive information about beauty and fashion, new releases and arrivals, and lots of lovely photos. I have an irrepressible passion for beauty and love to discover new and exciting techniques and formulas, and to share that with all of you is something I want and crave. 

Something seriously lacking in the beauty industry is honesty. Far too many influencers and bloggers swear by their £400 skincare routine because they're just desperate for the commission. I hear far too many false claims and carefully worded ad campaigns, now I think its time for change.

People need products and methods that work. No more one size fits all skincare or beauty hacks that only work for women with one skin type. I want everyone who visits this site to leave feeling good about themselves, feeling knowledgeable and feeling beautiful!

My aim is to create a source where people can go for the truth. A place for beauty, wellness and most importantly, trust. 

I'm extremely excited and optimistic for this venture and I hope you are too, you'll be hearing from me soon. Stay tuned for new blog posts every Monday and Thursday!

- Madeleine x