My 9 favourite drugstore bargains!

My beauty babes, the time has come for you to pack away your purses and prepare to thank me because I'm here to save your day. The drugstore can be dangerous and confusing territory. Navigating Boots at 5pm on a Monday, bombarded by school girls and pushy, rush hour shoppers is many peoples' idea of hell. So, before you panic-buy a dicey looking £2 concealer, please, for your sanity, read on.

Shopping effectively and shrewdly in the drugstore is an art and a skill. I will provide a guide on how to do this at a later date, but first I'll simply point you in the right direction by sharing my 9 favourite drugstore bargains. 

This beautiful, Autumn toned palette is an easy pick for this list. I love warm toned palettes, and the beautiful orange and brown tones are perfect for me. The pigmentation is pretty good considering the price. The metallic shades in particular have a lovely buttery, almost wet texture. Application is smooth and seamless, with very little fallout. MUA as a brand appears to sell its products RIDICULOUSLY cheap, but as far as I can tell the quality is far superior to the price.

In the past year, Makeup Revolution has seriously stepped up its game. Flooding our shelves with endless palettes, concealers, and now foundation?! The Essential Matte 2 palette is a gorgeous nude palette perfect for this season. There are so many great transition shades in this palette so you can mix and match with other similar toned palettes for a stunning natural eye look.

Oh, more Makeup Revolution products? Do we see a pattern emerging? (Yes I'm a fan). The Vivid Baked Highlighters were one of the first products I tried out. I must say, there are some unusual shades of this product that are extremely hard to wear but Peach Lights is such a beautiful shade. The cool toned pink, frosty look is perfect for a winter highlight.

This highlighter is one of my absolute favourite highlighters that I own. It has absolutely no glitter, so you really do get that wonderful chromatic effect. The shade 'Molten Gold' is my go-to for a Summer glow but this shade would look radiant on deeper skin tones. Plus the variety in this collection is seriously amazing, I highly recommend grabbing yourself one next time you're in the drugstore.

If you want serious, wet-look radiance, this product is for you. The buttery texture of this highlighter means application is seamless, and can be blended with a brush or fingers for a beautiful glow. Though it appears quite wet, this product blends almost completely into a powder, adding to it's durability. A wonderful drugstore highlighter that will be a staple in anyone's makeup kit.

This lip-gloss actually ended my very long search for the perfect gold toned gloss. The pink undertone with the golden sparkles acting as a lip topper will make anyone's lips look full, healthy and beautiful. And I'm telling you, this stuff really does resist anything. It's completely waterproof which is super helpful for everyday wear.

I often struggle to find eye pencils at the drugstore that are creamy enough. Usually they're far too hard and there is no room for smudging, however this product is the exception. Bourjois' Kohl Pencil's are super creamy and bendable, perfect for a smokey eye. 

I use this product everyday. Seriously, this pencil cost me £4 and it's incredible. if you want a super soft beautiful fluffy brow, this pencil is perfect. The texture is super malleable but long wearing and it has a really effective eyebrow brush on the other end. Also, you get so much product for the price it's quite astonishing.

Drugstore brushes very rarely live up to MAC or Bobbi Brown. However, NYX actually has some really lovely brushes that are multi-purpose and long lasting. The face brushes are my favourite, the bristles are soft but pick up product well, they never shed, and they can do so much more than the label says. I use the 02 and 05 brushes every day, on myself and models, they're absolutely fabulous.

These are all products that I personally love and use, all of which make great alternatives to many high end products. If you have any questions about products just leave a comment or if you liked this post let me know down below so I can keep doing stuff like this. Alternatively, click on the product names for more details about them. Have a lovely evening guys. 

- Madeleine x


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