Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation Review. Is it really the best drugstore foundation?

In the past year, drugstore brands all over the world have seriously upped their game. Makeup products can rarely be judged by price now, and many artist and avid makeup wearers, have been switching to drugstore brands, not just to save money, but for the amazing quality! Maybelline is definitely among these revolutionary brands that have paved the way for this glorious drugstore era. 

The Maybelline Fit Me! foundation was extremely well received, with its amazing shade range and super cheap price, people seem to love it. But these can't be the only factors that have made this foundation so popular. So It's time to bite the bullet and go out and try this foundation myself, and figure out, what all the fuss is about? 

The shade range for this foundation is brilliant, covering lots of different skin tones and shades. I went for shade 118 called Light Beige which is a more golden, yellow toned shade. The foundation comes in two different varieties of packaging, a 30ml plastic tube and a glass, pump action container. The 30ml plastic tube was only £6.99 which already had me impressed as that's an amazing price for a foundation with such rave reviews. Foundations from similar brands are usually around the £10 mark. 

The foundation claims to provide a matte and poreless finish, and is ideal for normal to oily skin. I found this to be very true. The coverage is insane, I could easily have got away with not concealing, as it covered any and all redness on my face. My skin literally looked flawless. A little goes a long way with this foundation, and it spreads really evenly across the face when applied.

I would say, the formula is quite thick, which isn’t an issue but ensure you only use a small amount and spread evenly across your face to get a beautiful, natural but flawless finish. As the finish was so matte I actually didn’t need to use powder (though I still set my undereye concealer), so literally the perfect foundation if you want a matte but not at all cakey finish. After a full days wear, this foundation literally didn’t budge, it stayed flawless and didn’t crease at all! The only issue I had is that it transfers quite easily, however I would consider this a minor issue as the foundation is really great overall.

In conclusion I was seriously impressed with this foundation. The quality is literally unmatched by any similarly priced foundation. I mean £7?! I’m happy to say it is the best Drugstore foundation I’ve ever tried. I absolutely will be making this a regular in my kit and in my personal makeup routine. If you go out and try it, comment and tell me what you think!

As always, have a lovely week!

-Madeleine x