October Favourites! Makeup, Hair products and more!

So as it's November 1st, I thought it appropriate to just round up for you my 'favorites' from the past month. From makeup and hair products, to films and books. I will be doing this at the end of every month as a new series. 
October has been an amazing month for me, my blog has not only grown massively, but has become a project I am seriously passionate about. I've also taken part in some wonderful makeup related endeavors which hopefully I can debut to you guys next month!

I'm going to start off with makeup products that I've just loved and used continually in October, these are products that have become part of my everyday routine, or part of my professional makeup kit. I also discovered loads of great new hair and skincare products which are now staples in my routine. All the titles in pink contain links to the products! 

Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Eye-shadow Quad 
This little eye-shadow palette is perfect for my everyday makeup routine. The shades of brown are super usable, have great blend-ability, and are diverse enough that you can create a multitude of looks with one small palette. Tom Ford are renowned for the amazing standards of their shadows, and this palette truly showcases that.

As far as lip products are concerned, MAC is a clear winner for me. This shade is the perfect berry tone, right on trend for a juicy Winter lip. I recommend dabbing a lighter purple lipstick onto the middle of your lips for a 3D ombre effect. 

This is no exaggeration, the YSL eye pencils are AMAZING. They have a soft, buttery texture and can be blended really easily. This dark brown pencil is part of my everyday routine. I use it on my upper lash line, or smoked out at the edges to add drama to my everyday look.

Eyelure lashes are some of my favorites in general, I find them super easy to apply and think they give a beautiful finish. The new Enchanted range is wonderful, I love the 'who needs a prince' set, they're ideal for anyone who desires to elevate their eyes at the outer corner to create a more feline effect.

Rodial Baking Brush
Personally, I don't 'bake' at any point in my makeup routine, however I purchased this brush as an addition to my Pro-Kit as it makes the perfect blending brush for foundation, blush or highlight! It is super soft, and the rounded shape creates a beautifully smooth finish.

As far as I'm concerned, sheet masks are the way forward. Garnier's whole range is amazing for your skin, they're massively hydrating and will give you a radiant, dewy glow. Plus they're super affordable! I do one every week and the effects are immediate! They have a huge range so you can pick one that suits your skin needs. I highly recommend trying one. 

Learning to look after my hair has been a journey, and I'm still learning. This Curl custard has been a life saver, I use it on the bottom half of my hair to ensure my curls stay hydrated and hold their shape. It leaves my hair feeling soft and weightless. 

This product is ideal for those days when your hair needs extra nourishment. It stays conditioned, doesn't dry down, and gives hair a beautiful texture. I find my curls stay really tight and well formed with this product. I always put this product in the bottom half of my hair to avoid my locks getting greasy. 

October has been an extra special month for me as I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, Noah. The last year with him has been a very important chapter in my life. He is my role model, my biggest supporter, and my best friend. 
I just want to thank all of you who have been reading my blog, I didn't expect this kind of growth in my first month, I am extremely flattered but also thrilled that you enjoy the content I am putting out. As always have a lovely week. 

- Madeleine x