The Mistakes You're Making With Highlighter: Go From No to Glow!

The glow-revolution has come about in recent years, and everyone has turned to highlighter to provide the beautiful dewy glow all the models are sporting. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't actually understand highlighter and end up making fatal mistakes, often resulting in a very unflattering shiny appearance. 
Highlighter it is intended to emphasize the parts of your face that naturally catch the light, making your skin look healthier and your cheeks fuller. This makes you look youthful, as you naturally lose fat in your face as you age, it makes you look healthy as it gives the illusion of flawless, moisturized, clear skin.

Know what you're dealing with 
Highlighting products come in two main forms, liquid highlighters and powders. Liquid highlighters give a more bold, wet look, but can also be blended out to create a subtle glow, while powders create a soft sheen.
To find the perfect highlighter you must first decide between a cool toned highlighter; pink, whites, silvers, and warm toned highlighters; golds and bronzes. Using the wrong colour highlighter is a very common mistake that can have disastrous effects. 

Add warmth with gold
Gold highlighters are best suited to people with warm undertones, or people with darker skin tones. If you have lighter skin, use a more champagne toned highlight to warm up your face and create a beautiful glow, whereas darker skin tones can play around with more pigmented golds and bronzes to create a gorgeous radiance. 

Be radiant with white 
White and pink toned highlighters are best suited for people with a cool undertone to their skin. They can create a rather ethereal effect when used on very fair skin, or very cool, dark skin. White highlighters are much stronger than gold toned products, meaning a little goes a long way! I see far too many girls who layer on the sparkle and end up looking like the tin man. I recommend opting for an elegant glow rather than a chromatic glare. 

Less is more
While we're on the subject, when creating the youthful shine with highlighter, a small amount spread over the cheekbones, brow bones, above the temples, on the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow, will create a much more beautiful effect than a heavy layer based solely on the cheekbones. An even, subtle glow is much more enchanting. 

The 'must haves'
I'm a regular glow connoisseur. I've tried and tested so many products, and now I only have a few staple products that I use to highlight. If you can afford to spend a bit more money, any of the FENTY BEAUTY Killawatt Highlighters are well worth the money. My go to shade is Hu$tla Baby, it's a lovely, almost peachy gold. The quality is amazing and the shade range is super diverse.
If you're looking for a similar glow, but at a drugstore price, try the Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighting Powder , they're super cheap and have loads of shades available. The pigmentation is incredible, especially for a drugstore brand. 
On clients, I often use MAC Pigments to highlight or a cream colour base as the effect is very controlled, Ruby is pictured at the top of this post wearing a MAC Pigment in the shade Vanilla. The texture is really fine and bendable so you can really build up the intensity. 

I hope this has been helpful for those of you puzzled about the rise of highlighter, and I'm sure now you can jump on board. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or drop me a message on Instagram! Big thanks to Ruby for being my beautiful model, I will be releasing the professional shots from my shoot with her soon! 

As always, have a lovely week.

- Madeleine x