Whats in my makeup artist kit

Building up your kit is not easy. It is expensive and takes time, but having a fully stocked kit is extremely rewarding, and gives you a great sense of freedom when it comes to work and creativity. Forming your kit involves a great amount of trial and error, investing in products and discovering what you do and don't like.
Over time, I have accumulated quite the makeup collection. I favor both drugstore, and high end brands in my kit, as both have their strengths and weaknesses. In this article I will break down the contents of my kit and the products that I use the most.

Starting with.....


This is easily the most important part of my kit. Beautiful skin is the pinnacle of a good makeup look and something I personally always focus on. Shade range is extremely important, but don't feel the need to purchase every single shade of a particular foundation, the ability to mix foundations is a useful technique worth mastering!

Mac Face and Body is a foundation I love. I prefer dewy skin to matte, and the buildable quality of Face and Body is perfection. The Studio Fix Foundation by Mac is also wonderful if I do need a more full coverage foundation, it can be applied in a thin layer and blended to give the skin a soft matte finish.

In some ways concealer is more crucial than foundation, as it can be used on its own for a more natural look, and having a more varied shade range is key, though mixing is still useful to tailor particular shades. My favourite concealers to use on clients are the MAC Conceal and Correct palettes. They provide really smooth, full coverage and the palettes have a good range of tones so you can conceal pretty much anything! The Kevyn Aucoin Full Coverage Concealers are also in my kit, each pot contains a very large amount of products and the shade range is vast. They're creamier than the MAC concealers so give a different finish. 

I love blush. I rarely finish a look without it. The colour gives anyone extra vitality in their face, making you look more youthful and healthy. As I often do dewy, more natural looks, cream blushes are ideal for that. My favorites are the MAC Pro Face Palettes, I have Bright Blush and Deep Blush.The shades in the palettes are beautiful, and can be mixed to create endless combinations. If you're someone with darker skin, I highly recommend the Deep palette, the colours flatter darker skin tones massively. 
I do also have a selection of powder blushes. Nars are famed for their blush so I have quite a few of their shades, and MAC also do some beautiful blushes of which I have created a palette. 

Due to the glow obsession currently storming the beauty industry, a few good highlighters are crucial. I actually really like the Makeup Revolution Highlighters, they're pigmented and flattering for a range of skin tones. I also love the MAC cream colour bases, they come in loads of colours and contain no glitter so create a natural dewy glow. 

The palette revolution has meant that I have little use for individual shadows, so instead I have about a billion palettes. My Urban Decay palettes are some of my most used, the quality of the shadows is amazing and they create beautiful editorial looks. I also have some Zooeva palettes, they're a seriously underrated brand, they come out with beautiful palettes with amazing pigmentation. Plus, the packaging is beautiful. I have some of the Chanel Eyeshadow Quads' which are lovely and create a beautiful soft look. 

Eyeliner is a pretty simple part of your kit to built up, as long as you have a black gel or liquid liner, and a small range of kohl pencils, you shouldn't need to bulk buy every colour out there. For winged eyeliner looks I either use MAC Blacktrack or Nars Black Valley, they're both really smooth and easy to apply, and once they dry down they will not move so are ideal for an all day makeup look. In terms of pencils I really love the MAC eye pencils, they have every colour imaginable and the blend-ability is insane. The YSL Eye Pencils are also great, I use 02 which is a dark brown colour, virtually everyday. 

Lipsticks and Liners
Having a range of lip products is key, you can of course mix to get variations of shades but some darker shades are harder to make. I have loads of lipstick shades and only a few lip liners. I find that lip liners are only vital if the look needs to be long lasting, however I am still looking to build up my collection. MAC is the king of lip products in my opinion. Their lipsticks are long lasting and come in many shades, and their liners are extremely versatile and flattering. I have both MAC Lip Palettes, and I also have many MAC shades in my assorted lip-kits. 

There are so many other key elements to any makeup kit, but adding them to this post would've made it ridiculously long. Cleanliness, professionalism and organisation is key to maintaining a well stocked kit. If you have any questions about products or general makeup inquiries, please leave a comment below. 

As always, have a lovely week. 

-Madeleine x