Blush is Back! The Reincarnation of Rosy Cheeks

I have to start this off by saying THANK GOODNESS! I feel I can finally release a sigh of relief. No more will we see stony faced girls wondering our streets, overly contoured beige barbies have become a thing of the past. Blush, is finally back. 

I never understood why blush fell off the face of the earth. I have always considered a gorgeously flushes cheek the epitome of beauty. Plus, it's easy, inexpensive, and actually quite difficult to get wrong. The idea behind blush is it recreates the reaction our skin has to blood rising to the surface of our body; often in the cold, we get flushed or turn red. This creates the illusion of health, as subconsciously, we know someone with red cheeks has a lot of bright, rich blood flowing through their body (weird, I know). 

The addition of blush to your face makes your cheeks appear fuller, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles or creases, and adds a soft healthy glow to any look, so why wouldn't you go for it? If you're afraid to start, read on and I'll guide you through the basics to create the perfect blushed effect. 

Blusher comes in a variety of shades, pinks, reds, peaches, purples and browns. Each colour gives a different look and compliments different skin shades and undertones. Darker skin tones suit purples, browns and deep pinks and peaches, while lighter skin tones should go for more pastel versions of these colours. You should play around with different colours and see which shades compliment your complexion the best. I personally opt for a peachy blush as it warms up the skin and gives the illusion of a more yellow undertone.

Now, we have all seen people smile when they apply blush to elevate the apple of the cheek. This gives you a basic template of where to apply blush, however this can often lead to a dramatic and unnatural look. To get the most natural glow, apply blush to the bottom of the apple of your cheeks; this is the bottom half of the dome formed when you smile. An extra trick to ensure your application is as natural as possible; dust a very small amount of blush over the top of your forehead, this shouldn't be noticeable, but when you view the entire face, it gives a more balanced, blushy look.

In regards to actual products, cream blushes or cheek tints create a much more subtle, gentle look, and are great when creating a dewy glow. Powders give a more vintage, soft focus effect which is extremely flattering and buildable.
My favourite cream blush products are the Mac Cosmetics cream blush palettes, they come in deep and light quads and they're absolutely divine. In terms of powders I love all of the Nars blushes, they apply really smoothly and the pigmentation is crazy. Mac also do some amazing powder blushers in a massive range of shades which I switch around in my refill palette. For a cheaper alternative you could opt for one of Bourjois iconic little round pot blushers, they have a good shade range and are renowned for their quality.

I hope this has been helpful for all of you who never wear blush, or even those of you who do! Go out there and experiment with colours and textures to create your perfect look, there is no harm in having a little fun with it.

As always have a lovely week and a happy new year!

- Madeleine x