The Key To A Beautiful Base: Skin Makeup Made Easy

As far as I'm concerned, a beautiful base equates to a beautiful face. If you can create radiant, flawless skin makeup, not only does it look amazing, it highlights all the gorgeous features of a persons face. It's the ultimate key to incredible makeup looks, every time. 

To begin, you must start taking care of your skin. If you want foundation to look flawless you have to give it the best base you possibly can to work with. I'm not talking about spots, for some they're unavoidable and extremely persistent, and thats okay. I mean really taking care of your skin, eating good food, ensuring your skin is always clean, never sleeping in makeup. Do all the little things you can to guarantee your skin is the best it can be. 

Skin Makeup begins with a good foundation. In order to chose the right foundation, you should decide whether you prefer a more natural, medium coverage, dewy look, or if you favour a matte, full coverage, flawless look. This completely depends on your skin type and personal preference. There are loads of amazing products to chose from so try out different formulas and find one that flatters your skin type and tone. For dewy looks I favour Mac Face and Body foundation, it's water based so applies super smoothly and naturally onto the skin, it's extremely buildable and you can create quite an even, medium coverage look with it. For matte looks I am currently obsessed with the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation, when applied in a thin layer, it gives amazing coverage and its super easy to blend. 

Conceal and Correct
The key to mastering skin makeup is understanding how to conceal and correct appropriately. Colour
correction is confusing, but once you master it and can identify 'problem' areas, you can literally conceal anything. It's basically all down to opposites, if you highlight a problem area on you face like dark circles, looking at the colour wheel you simply use the opposite colour (orange) to counteract the blue tones around your eye.
Concealing is the key to beautiful coverage, without making your skin look like a mask. Using a medium coverage foundation and simply concealing 'problem' areas will make your skin look healthy and refreshed, rather than caking on a full coverage foundation. Plus your skin will thank you!

Highlight and Contour
Contouring is really about understanding shadows and how to use them to flatter an individual. I prefer to contour with a smaller fluffy brush, in order to be really precise. The beauty industry has bombarded us with cream contours recently and unfortunately that leads to a lot of super heavy, unflattering contours. Subtlety is key! Make sure to contour with a colour only a few shades darker than your skin tone, and amplify areas to give you a more defined bone structure. I always contour my cheekbones and temples.
I've spoken a lot about highlighter before but it really is the ultimate key to beautiful, fresh looking skin. I often use a cream highlighter for a more subtle glow and then add powder for longevity or if i want a more wet look. Ensure you choose a highlighter that will flatter your skin tone, see my blog post on highlighter if your unsure!

I really don't know what has happened to blusher, a couple of years ago it seemed to completely die out and we were left with armies of stony faced girls storming the streets of London. Slowly and surely it does seem to be reappearing in mainstream beauty (Thank goodness!) Cream blushes come in so many beautiful colours and are perfect if you want a really natural balm of colour to amp up your look. The MAC Cosmetics blush palettes are AMAZING, I love the deep palette for dark skinned or mixed race models as the colours are really flattering. If you have never tried blush or rarely use it, I recommend making it a part of your routine. I will be posting a master post about blush so if you're clueless, don't worry, I've got you covered.

I hope this was helpful and you feel confident to go out and create beautiful skin! I've been super busy so haven't been posting as regularly but I'm going to keep being consistent and creating content that you guys love! Also big thanks to Kristina, the model pictured in the first image, please give her a follow on Instagram (@krisi_krilisi) and as always, have a lovely week.

-Madeleine x